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Children Bed
T1 School-table
T2 Multi-table
C1 School Chair & Bench
C2 Fold & Pro-chair
C3 Bean-bag/Sofa/Seat-foam
F1 Books&Toys-case
F2 Theme-case
F3 Theme-case & Corner
F4 Drawer, Cart & Theme-case
F5 Compu-case & Rack
P1 Rectify & Intensify
S1 Balls & Rolls
S2 Jumbo Ball & Stand
S3 Balance Activities
S4 Physcial Activities
S5 Parts Activities
S6 Motor Skills & Rings
S7 Physcial Activities
S8 Hop-Swing-Stretch
S9 Soft-form
S10 Sport-mat / Folding-mat
S11 Panel & Jumbo
B1 Pre-school Walker
B2 Atlantic / Eolo / CC
B3 Italy Red-tricycle
B4 Italtrike Bike
B5 Mini-bike & Walk-bike
B6 Scooter
Teaching Aids 1
Teaching Aids 2
Teacher's Science 3
Classify-colors 4
Eye-hand coordinate 5
TA Blocks and Parts 6
Creative Blocks 7
Jumbo Blocks 8
Maths-balance-clock 9
Wooden TA 10
Arts & Crafts 11
A12 Role-play
M1 Sound&Muscial
M2 Sound&Muscial
M3 Sound&Muscial
M4 Antiskid plate/Safety
Play Method & Contact
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Welcome to mamamu, the specialist product for all your kindergarten, primary school, learning centre and education requirements. We have bringing the teachers, parents and children happy 100% of the time.



Learn To Play

Playing is not just a pastime. it is equally as important as reading, eating and sleeping. The child develops both physically, mentally and socially throught playing.




All of products in these Web-site, not for children under 3 and learn to play with specialist.

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